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"That's kind of my point - there seem to be two different definitions of "ego" floating around here. I don't believe the "ego" that meditation allegedly reduces is the same "ego" as "inflated self-regard"."

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Who's the bitch. Over the next five minutes I hit her another eleven times. "You're serious?" "Who's Sam?" Matt asked, looking between the two of us.

Throatfucked UK sub tiedup and spanked

Pretty sure I'm one of the best stalkers around. END. She was pissed off at her husband, as usual. She was carelessly pushed further up the bed, her head almost hanging on the other side, her body splayed out on the bed for his pleasure.

My girlfriend, Brooke, can be super jealous at times and she really hates it that one of my best friends from back in high school is another girl. His mouth was soon glued back onto to hers, their tongues entwined, and Larry was pressing his naked body down onto Karen's.

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Tautilar 10 months ago
Atleast it?s still searchable. Makes me wonder if they will do the same for artists accused/convicted of domestic violence or sexual assault.
Mall 9 months ago
Nice discussion, folks, enjoying it.^
Vojin 9 months ago
So how would you prove that I was born to believe in a deity? I know that anything I know of a deity was taught to me by my parents, rabbis, and books. If I acquired it naturally, then I wouldn't need any of them to teach me.
Nikojar 9 months ago
But my claim is that God has not, and does not, interact with the material "created" universe, and that, as Gould says, that spirituality and science are two non-overlapping domains.
Maulabar 9 months ago
Eh religion has been used like that, sure. Its been used to attack me as well, but it need not be used that way.
Shakakora 9 months ago
if you believe that he is a child murderer, then you had better believe that he will send you azz to hell..for eternity !!! that's a helleva fall... you'll never hit the bottom...and if yu do , you'll go right through it continuing to plunge into deep dodo! :) LOL!!! sorry :)
Faenos 9 months ago
Probably since there's no threat and you're too blind to realize that.
Telrajas 8 months ago
If it was Infinite it would not be an entity, it would be all there is. So anything that had existence would exist within the Infinite.
Fauhn 8 months ago
There were very few cities, as such. Palestine was for a long time a province of Egypt, and Egyptian authority was collapsing in the region when the Israelites were taking over. They were not stepping into an area of petty entrenched regional loyalties - they were stepping into a power vacuum.
Dazragore 8 months ago
?So in order for us to have billions more we all have to eat corn and soybeans?
Akizilkree 8 months ago
I see, how long are we to wait? Genetics is observable now. Its not there, this cumulative change...even in the fast breeders. Nothing I'd happening. That's the evidence, a void. You refuse to acknowledge this, even when many evolutionary biologists do. Cult activity
Febei 8 months ago
Nice.... Hold the bun and pile em up!
Yozragore 7 months ago
There were 39 uses of mutila-tion or mutilate in the comments which shows a large confusion about what male circumcision is. Male circumcision is not mutilation. It does not cause damage to the penis or reduce its function. It's not a disfiguring mark. Mutilation seems to be a word used simply because you're against male circumcision.
Kelmaran 7 months ago
I cant help but laugh when I see that, Vanity gone viral ??
Mezilmaran 7 months ago
Sounds familiar. Allahu Akbar!
Arashicage 7 months ago
She bragged about it to her friends. Hard to call that one harassment.
Mezirg 7 months ago
Sure, maybe it's hyperbole. Or, more likely, something someone just made up. Of course, it's not presented that way and nothing in the text gives you reason to think that they wanted you to take it as hyperbole. If what your scripture says bothers you, maybe you should reconsider believing in it, calling it the Good Book, and basing your life around it. I know I did.
JoJokora 7 months ago
I hope that slaughtering the entire population of a town, beating slaves, killing those who work on festivities, and stoning women is not as timeless as the rest of the Bible...
Kazizil 7 months ago
I wish I could get him in 8 x 8 cell, because he needs some therapy. Cell therapy that is!
Mir 7 months ago
Yep, or do an Elin Nordegren and take a golf club to his car :)
Akigor 7 months ago
book of James has more than what tiny bit are in NT>? Ill look thanks :)
Tur 6 months ago
I think that's telling - the man about to meet his maker couldn't justify a vote for the GOP plan.
Dazilkree 6 months ago
I read a lot of fiction.
Zolojinn 6 months ago
Ah, yes, you're correct, I was wrong. You're not doing a "No True Scotsman". You're engaging in the far more tedious tactic of obfuscation by semantics. Maybe if we bog the conversation down in a morass of "what does it TRULY mean to be Christian" and "Can you be 'not-Christian' even though you think you are and you espouse all the beliefs and articles of faith typically required" we won't have time to deal with the meat and potatoes of what was asked.
Goltilar 6 months ago
Since you shouldn't make assumptions and it wasn't stated in iteration 3 that you would benefit in any way from choice 1 or 2, it is clear that you get the same pay either way. It is also stated that you are free from retribution in either case. No strings attached, just your moral decision.
Malarg 6 months ago
***NEWS FLASH - THIS JUST IN***?... California will soon secede from the nation and its new communist leadership has decreed that it will rename California to ??. Gomorrah.
Kazim 6 months ago
Genesis spells out "metaphor", not physical history.
Gasho 6 months ago
But Columbine etc. did also happen because the US has always had some kind of popularity-culture. Just look at all those teenie movies, where the outcast kid is a poor slob until he/she does something special and is accepted in the cool kids circles. The (supposed) ugly girl who makes herself up and at the end gets the handsome quarterback guy or the shy guy who earns the respect of the other guys by doing something very cool/heroic. And by suggesting that being the coolest guy or most beloved/attractive girl in class (or even school) is the ultimate goal, Hollywood has just paved the way to social-acceptance struggle.
Brar 5 months ago
You poor pddn.
Shakajin 5 months ago
How'd that work out for her?

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