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"Could you do me the favor of demonstrating that I am mentally ill, using the current DSM?"

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I asked him to drop me off where he picked me up. Or so she thought. "Don't touch me!" "Corey leave him alone for now, it's not your fault, go play in my room and don't let mom near this one.

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my hands go to my pussy and slowly start to rub the cum across my clit as i watch the older men jerking their cocks to my naked body. His hands where on my lips as i pushed my hips into his mouth feeling my body begin to tingle and making me moan on the fat cock pushing in and out of my mouth and throat.

"Hey, where are we going?" he asked dumbly. She seemed very quiet and rigid. Her sjcks was all over it, I almost felt like I was wasting it by using it to lube her ass, but that's exactly what I did. We started off toward the small grocer. I imagined myself doing him the biggest favour of his life, giving him the best birthday and Christmas present he was going to receive before he sicks.

" She does. I bit down hard on it, not for her pleasure, but to inflict pain.

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Moogugis 1 year ago
What's the best way to ride a horse... facing forwards or backwards?
Kagasho 1 year ago
it could but the difference I see for atheists, especially those that are 'ex-religious' have taken the time to analyze the evidence. Their minds are changed after studying the evidence.
Tauzuru 1 year ago
Lol I was just listening to that song... Honestly, my summer is never right if I don't play it.
Gardagor 1 year ago
Oh please, I was a christian for several decade (brainwashed by my mother who, until her last years, believed god would cure my sister of the cancer that was killing her if my mother only prayed for a miracle) until I started studying the BuyBull and realized it's nonsense and supports the scam called christianity.
Moogumuro 1 year ago
Obama would blow away all competitors.
Vonris 1 year ago
I know, you just threaten violence. Weak, lol. Imagine how deeply unimpressed all the other people in the restaurant would be
Zulunris 1 year ago
Whatever you feel comfortable in. Maybe it?s a thong, granny panties, or commando.
Fenrihn 1 year ago
Yet unable to come up with words as to why .. Maybe " everybody" should start thinking for them self's and not just reciting other peoples words.
Maubei 1 year ago
I don't think it's offensive, really. Maybe it rubs you the wrong way because it's a childish reference, basically the way you'd talk to an infant.
Mesar 1 year ago
I never let people know.
Vuramar 11 months ago
Do you require hard evidence against Zeus, Mithras, or a porcelain teapot in orbit around Jupiter? Or are those all valid possibilities in your belief structure?
Voodoozilkree 11 months ago
Lobotomies are pretty much illegal. But in H0lyghost case we can make an exception...chuckle
Faegul 11 months ago
Pointing put facts you want to ignore is not race baiting
Mazutaxe 11 months ago
Now perhaps, but at the time it may have been pretty clear and straight forward.
Gara 11 months ago
If it is a teargas grenade shot over from the Israelis, throwing it away from people is legitimate. Can you prive that that is not the case here? And can anybody prove that that really is the medic that was shot? Not very much to be seen of her face.
Vujinn 11 months ago
Horwath has a history of propping up corruption. How did her insurance rate reduction promise work out? Facts trump leftist predictions.
Akijar 11 months ago
they would just blow it anyway

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