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"I think Kim's going to wipe his ass on Trump's give-aways because it's all about ratings for Trump. He needs this to work at any COST because November is right around the corner. It will be expensive too."

SnugglePunk Pov

Having securely applied the blindfold again, he proceeded to tie up her hands, eliciting a rather loud protest from her as her injured hand suffered more abuse. It and his big cock Retistered already ruined me, and my once normal vanilla sex life forever.

I slumped to the ground in shock. He had grown tired of the fake acting in all the porn.

SnugglePunk Pov

Now scared to death about what might happen, but with the thought of very rough sexual intercourse. But after seeing Jo in her dress made everyone else look like they were dressed in jeans and T-shirts by comparison.

The man, satisfied with things so far, decided it was not necessary to tie her hands, and so raised and dumped her unceremoniously onto the bed, her bleeding hand soiling the virginal white linen she liked so much.

I licked her out as deeply and roughly as I could, and then replaced my questing tongue with first one, then two fingers. After having made contact with what I thought was the perfect guy one that impressed me with his charm and details about what he wanted to do to me.

I faked a yawn and she quickly hit my ribs. We need to have a powwow about what to do with her. A couple of gay men made the same observation but concluded that they cared little about the size of his cock, especially as he had such a nice boy cunt'.

" You push me back to the bed and again slip your hand inside my jocks and release my cock. What she didn't envy though, was the health risks that Sandie obviously took in her sexual promiscuity.

I think I turned her against Corey pretty well.

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Yozshuzilkree 11 months ago
Rules or laws?
Meshura 11 months ago
Excuse me, but the owner of this establishment "dished it out". Now it is she that is taking it.
Douzahn 11 months ago
Bias = non-random
Vudorg 10 months ago
i assumed in your previous post that you were referring to the late roman empire
Vudoshura 10 months ago
Start by proving your childish superstition. If you know your history you should know that the Adam and Eve is fable, Noah story is fable, Exodus never happened, the Jesus story is a bunch of fable, and that Christianity has changed over time and took much of it's teachings from prior philosophers.
Dushakar 10 months ago
crying about the "leftists" again?
Kazrarg 10 months ago
But the wind, though invisible and felt, can also be measured. It is a physical force that operates on and interacts with physical matter. Not so God, or the Spirit, or the Holy, the Absolute, the Tao, the Dharmakaya, the Buddha Mind, Bodhi, Enlightenment, divine union and divine communion. No physical force or power is involved in the "gnosis" experience.
Vum 10 months ago say they should be able to raise them how they see fit.
Dajora 10 months ago
Those are imaginary. If the y were real, they'd be mentioned in the bible.
Datilar 10 months ago
He doesn't have to. He's winning Bigly.../s
Akigore 9 months ago
As declared by a qualified redneck who lifts things for a living.
Mikashura 9 months ago
I think I am lactose intolerant. The above condensed biblical tome ( Readers Digestive). left me feeling queazy. .

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