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Nagrel 11 months ago
We're not talking about whether the activity was socially acceptable or not. We're talking about the legal frameworks here. And from legal standpoint, Christian monarchs and popes would every once in awhile declare that their Christian subjects don't owe anything to the Jews (as in, all debts are hereby unenforceable). This has never happened in Muslim countries.
Akinolabar 11 months ago
You mean that thing that doesn?t exist?
Zule 10 months ago
Already very close to that.
Jukus 10 months ago
God Bless her! Good for her.
Fern 10 months ago
Oh this made me miss my Dingo.... He was the best Jack Russell freebie in the world. Double the upvotes
Mooguzragore 10 months ago
Nothing funny about ignoring the data... even worse to watch it done with such tired and pathiec rhetoric... Everyone is a racist, Hitler or Putin when you can't deal with facts.
Male 10 months ago
Again, Rev, just because you purposefully choose to be ignorant about science it doesn't mean that science is wrong.
JoJobei 10 months ago
And just why shouldn't it continue to be?
JoJotilar 9 months ago
Actually I know a great deal about all three. Hence why I point out that what most people consider to be evolution is just faith based nonsense.
Vorn 9 months ago
The next person who tries to turn this into an abortion debate is getting banned no questions asked. READ the topic and respect the wishes of the OP to NOT turn this into an abortion debate.
JoJorr 9 months ago
Maybe the photographer is a good editor ... or slow? lol
Dashicage 8 months ago
You have zero idea if this guy is a disgruntled ex employee.
Jugis 8 months ago
then sue them....canned goods are good....but every now and then there will be a bad can
Kiganris 8 months ago
They absolutely do! It has been documented!
Tojajas 8 months ago
How is it bogus? Your response is that gay people cannot expect to be treated the same as straight people under the law. It sounds eerily familiar.
Kekree 8 months ago
First, congratulations to you and your countrymen for the repeal. Well done!
Metilar 7 months ago
I am a moral nihilist so to me there is no right or wrong. Sin is defined as an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. Since I do not believe that there is such a thing as a divine entity therefore to me there are no divine laws, then I cannot sin.
Malajind 7 months ago
I've never tried to get an ex back, so no personal experience with this sort of manipulation.
Tokinos 7 months ago
The fact they formed in the USA is often overlooked. They do however have their structure down in El Salvador now, but that is after the fact. The show "Gangland" had a good documentary on MS13 (it was one of their first episodes actually) and they pointed out about how they started on Los Angeles.
Zulkidal 7 months ago
I don't watch or listen to either of those.
Bazshura 6 months ago
well i don't think you get to experience nothing
Mazujora 6 months ago
I have no problem with people doing what they like.
Grolrajas 6 months ago
Not sure but if you leave a 2x4 on your roof in Greece, you pay no property tax. True story.
Kizilkree 6 months ago
You are now blocked for offering zero intellectual or entertainment value. Spew your vapid nonsense to someone else.
Zulutaur 6 months ago
Nope, but I will weather it if it brings me liberty, and exposes the left for the intolerant jackanapes they really are.
Meztinris 6 months ago
ONLY if the person to whom the speech is directed.
Tygokazahn 6 months ago
Are you going to visit the site?
Mooguzil 5 months ago
Comparisons with bans against interracial marriage are bogus. Race is not part of the definition of marriage. A ban on interracial marriage is a ban on the same actions otherwise permitted because of the race of the particular people involved. It is a discrimination against people, not actions.
Dulmaran 5 months ago
Better? You really are a very confused male.

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