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"Just stand in the doorway. Say nothing, even when they acknowledge you. After 5 minutes of evil staredown, point and leave."

New Years Sex Tape

"Is my presence that adukts, you need to bring a book with you to be sure you're entertained?" Matt slid himself in across from me.

"If I would have known you were coming I would have ordered some food or something. The rest of us aren't that easy to beat.

New Years Sex Tape

Nobody noticed him "camping" in the bushes. "Today is my day to help you shop, and that's what I'm doing. I could smell the tobacco on his breath, and my hair started to stand to attention with goosebumps appearing all over my body.

" I said teasingly, stubbing my cigarette out under the heel of my boot and playing into the situation. First though, I want you to say out loud that you agree. "Little slut, I'm going to warm my two fingers up deep in your pussy.

"It's about t-" Whatever I was about to say next was forgotten the moment I saw Jo standing there. I looked up at his face, I could see the lust and enjoyment he was getting from this situation.

A flogger. She seemed dedicated to her work, oblivious to his continued observation of the scene. I was getting excited, weird scenarios were running through my head the whole time, Cankker knew that I was going to do something to them, but I hadn't made up my mind what.

No resistance. I examined the white knickers stretched so tightly over Cathy's ample 36 year old bottom and also the flushed scarlet adylts where the slipper had impacted over her hitherto leather cased buttocks.

I reached out and patted his hand, looking him straight in the eye. but finally, well, it was just fine.

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Vihn 9 months ago
I did, thanks! Although I have a nasty headache now ? my fibromyalgia. :( We?re gonna hit 92 or 93 here. Bring on the lemonade!
Dairan 9 months ago
Just in case you didn't already know...Planned Parenthood's abortion services only equal 3% of their total services. Abortions are not funded by federal tax dollars. And PP offers services such as cancer screening, pelvic exams, STD tests, and birth control services. Men can also receive some services they provide.
Fenrishakar 9 months ago
In the past I've tried to do a bible study with our resident JW, gungun. That was... an interesting experience to say the least. He was extremely uninterested in actually answering any of my questions, and had a very single-track-mind. He would get real persnickety if I tried to deviate in any way from his script.
Daisho 9 months ago
You missed my point, but here it is...wait for it....they put an excessive burden on him (persecution) to make sure he's ruined and locked up for a long time!
Akilkis 9 months ago
What? i'm sure those nails in your tires were blown there by the wind... again
Samulabar 8 months ago
That's a bit of oversimplification. But that being said, you're now just arguing against yourself when you earlier claimed its only up to Congress to pass sentencing reform. The president has a large part in that matter particularly when he's the one requesting the legislation.
Doura 8 months ago
You mean the same old story of the homophobic bakers?
Moshura 8 months ago
Then don't go to Ikea, stay your ass home, it's simple. I don't want to be in Ikea that's "getting robbed" (an example), then some hero pops out, and guns start blazing. The average person is not in need of gun on a daily basis...that would be insane
Sazshura 8 months ago
Talk to Bert...
JoJot 8 months ago
See Peter Damian on the Mythic Jesus OP from yesterday.
Shaktitilar 7 months ago
There is a substantial difference in this case. The 50 year old in your example has already proven willing to work. This joker hasn't.
Nikozahn 7 months ago
There aren't 64 Christians for sure, and there are barely 100-150 unique commenters total.
Sajind 7 months ago
China is a major player in Trump's empire.
Mirg 7 months ago
"notbuyingit"; you are wrong. You simply have no knowledge. You can not give information, only "opinion", and you know what they say about 'opinions'...
Dagul 7 months ago
Once or twice. He's funny with it. If he's a godless sociopath...whys he so blessed and busy going abroad with his ministry...and here?
Taulabar 7 months ago
What other human was in the cave with Muhammed when he was supposedly visited by the angel? Do you have a name? This is the alleged first revelation, right? And not a single eye witness?
Tukinos 7 months ago
More than half the torts here know nothing about new synthesis in evo. Fewer really understand the crux of it, but rely totally on what their experts say. They admit this. indoctrination and cult mentality. Its definitely a faith pass speciation split. You dig in the extreme past constructing your faith. Its all indirect evidence here. Don't tell me its not a faith, indoctrination, and a cult. It sure is.
Kashakar 6 months ago
I think you entirely misunderstood my post.
Vudokazahn 6 months ago
Post is R&I'd hopefully it leads to some good discussions, thanks.
Tujas 6 months ago
I do not think that restricting mingling with burqa clad females, to females only, is a clear introduction to western culture.
Bagul 6 months ago
No. Just tell the truth about his platform and not hide behind
Aralabar 5 months ago
It may be evidence against the Genesis account if the Genesis account is taken word for word literally, but not if taken figuratively. The point of the Genesis accounts is not how the world was created, or how long it took, but by Whom.
Zulkigis 5 months ago
No John, YOU are really stupid.
Shaktigal 5 months ago
Nope not a single example. Ok.
Nikokus 5 months ago
Humans can't get oblong on the planet they have and are destroying it. Don't deserve to flaunt their "genius" by destroying

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