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868 17:3811 months ago

"Still we have problem about Plan B in relation with god's omni-all status. He already knew before creation his plan A will fail. :-)"

Girls Going Crazy 05 - Part 1

Tlme had a good view of her ass and realized that she wasn't wearing any panties. He's fucking crazy, man. "Umm. About a 34B wears a size 1 when she can find one that fits around her ass.

Girls Going Crazy 05 - Part 1

I felt my mouth opening and closing, but I could find the words I wanted to say, Anything could have better than the silence we were in. I am begging again as he reaches down and starts rubbing and pinching my clit and then says yes. I turned around to see him for the first time and he was about 6 foot 175lbs black hair with stubble for facial hair.

"Did you think of me while you finger-fucked her. Then it would be time for him to unzip his pants and. I looked over, and saw that her eyes were still closed, and they were, as if she were sleeping. She was wearing her short pencil skirt and white shirt, I noticed she had a little more cleavage showing than normal but I wasn't about to complain.

When he stopped moving I put duck tape over his mouth and bound his hands, he was unconscious and bleeding badly. Then I stated to move into her pussy with my fingers.

I would talk to all kinds of guys and even opened an msn account too add the guys I thought were good enough to meet so we could continue to talk.

Jo threw her arms around my neck and squeezed me tightly. I stared with my mouth agape because in all the years I had known her I had never seen her naked. Suddenly, the guy found he could hold it no longer, her sleek tightness and soft mouth almost pushing him over the edge.

I feel you press yourself into me, your pleasurable moans escaping into my mouth. There were two human males and 3 human women.

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Faelabar 10 months ago
Medicaid is not what I have a problem with.
Arakus 10 months ago
The english translations are entirely adequate.
Goltit 10 months ago
To you everything is "speculation"
Moogura 10 months ago
Does hope come in false/true versions? I thought hope was a present state of being about future circumstances.
Mautilar 9 months ago
raw sewage and the race card
Moogukus 9 months ago
Understood, but I find people who don't want to find truth don't find it regardless of what I say.
Dikree 9 months ago
You have really damaged your credibility here today with your deflection and personal insults.
Dojinn 9 months ago
It is sooo good though lol.
Grorisar 9 months ago
Plus they said Jesus had already claimed to be God ( remember that?s why they wanted to stone him etc.) so to make the story fit that he thought he WAS God, it wouldn?t make sense for him cry out to himself???? It took careful manipulation to try and get all this story to pan out.... too bad their patchwork didn?t cover all the bases ... I read my FAVORITE rabbi SINGER speaking about this- why Jesus always praying to himself??? Weird
Tunos 8 months ago
Buying the rights to intellectual property is a definite improvement over stealing it, no?
Kilkis 8 months ago
Good news, my friend, it does happen. Hope this brings a smile to your day...
Malataxe 8 months ago
Hardly. Jewish law had several provisions about lending to fellow Jews vs non-Jews. Islam, on the other hand, treated any debt - be that of a Muslim to a Muslim or to a non-Muslim - on equal footing.
Yozshuktilar 8 months ago
A quoting the bible, always a great tactic in debating an atheist. Just because a fictional character says something in a book doesn't make it true. A fool believes something without evidence without questioning it. The bible gets it the wrong way round.
Kijinn 8 months ago
It is just as wrong to associate Hasbara with Jews, than it is to associate ISIS with Islam. Unfortunately, the Israeli state has always been run by the Zionist regime, but as you and I know, Jews are not flocking to get into Israel, and those that do are keeping the citizenship of thier home countries.
Nataxe 8 months ago
Did you ever read about Lady Bathory?
Zolojind 7 months ago
Genocide isn't a broad enough term: it's mass extinction.
Nale 7 months ago
"God sacrificed Himself for man." - Please examine this, carefully. He was created as His Son, from the beginning, then, "seats at the Right Hand of the Father".
Kagale 7 months ago
Not sure. Probably living off of royalties
Talkis 7 months ago
A cop pulls us over half naked and sweating. What would you say we were doing to prevent getting a ticket?
Gajar 7 months ago
No - I cannot abide by the original premise. Muhammad
Bajinn 7 months ago
The position of Denmark in these matters is faulty.
Migis 7 months ago
So... if it didn't happen it's not really reasonable to accuse God of those murders, right? So what you're saying is not only did God not kill "hundreds of millions of babies" but God didn't even kill the smaller number I'm arguing for?
Kazigal 7 months ago
Name calling? You did not present the truth in your post. That is lying. I have a low tolerance for those who display such a lack of integrity.
Zurisar 7 months ago
Sorry, I can't see the thumb nail network striped it.
Gronris 6 months ago
They are being pushed by angels in training. Low level entry positions.
Kajijora 6 months ago
I like how the comment above completely ignores the fact that she works, too. Just because she works in the home, does not mean she doesn't work just as hard as he does.
Grolkis 6 months ago
Anyway, well done on that. :-)
Nikolrajas 6 months ago
Physical laws exist, we observe them, this I understand.
Fenriramar 6 months ago
You likely do live in a world of fornication and pornography, only that you have different standards as to what is 'normal' and what is 'perverted'. A religious person might see the ordinary lusting and things you do and see that as 'disgusting' and 'debased' whereas you feel it is 'natural' and 'normal.'
Shaktill 5 months ago
There are only 12% blacks in the US. Less than 26% non-Chinese in Singapore.
Tule 5 months ago
Never said it was.
Fenribar 5 months ago
Sharia is not only about prayer methods. Sharia laws apply to anyone living in an Islamic country, whether they're Muslims or not, inasmuch non-Muslims are not granted the same rights of Muslims.
Dailmaran 5 months ago
Who are ?we?? Partisan, uniformed trump supporters?
Brajas 5 months ago
This is a very interesting topic, ST. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I feel that, as you had painstakingly taken the time to put all of this together, a knee jerk response would do a disservice to the OP.

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