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194 10:211 year ago

"Everywhere smaller governments are practiced there are far more benefits to society and individuals than at any time of your perceived History. Nice try."

Jessica Jaymes, Joslyn Jaymes and Randi Wright, Strap-on, big boobs & booty

No!" Ava tried to stop me by grabbing my jacket. His plans worked well until now.

Jessica Jaymes, Joslyn Jaymes and Randi Wright, Strap-on, big boobs & booty

The clerk a pierced tattooed purple haired young woman about my age, hollered out to someone in the back hall way, where the arcade and buddy booths were located that the slave slut they were expecting was here and to come and get me.

He greatly approves as he pulled me closer for more kissing and groping. "Yeah, everything's fine. I had no option but to allow him to probe his tongue deep into my mouth, and I responded first without much passion, but as I resigned myself to the fact he was kissing me I started to allow myself to enjoy his tongue.

As you reach the rim of my cock I can feel your tongue in its eye as you take the precum from it.

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Shazuru 1 year ago
I realize that & that is fine. Just important to feel there is something
Sara 1 year ago
The worst bad argument is that "there is nothing worse than bad arguments". That is not proven.
Yoll 1 year ago
Not at all. He is free to believe whatever he wants. He can not discriminate against others though in a nation with secular laws. Nobody is stopping his belief. He can choose to not have a business open to the general public. But as he did he has to follow the laws. No exceptions. His faith doesn't replace the Constitution or the rights of others. Some feel the Constitution is only about Christian religious rights but it is about everyone's rights.
Mikakora 1 year ago
Does the future exist to know?
Kishura 1 year ago
Nice! Bohm actually co-wrote a couple books later in his life with Krishnamurti that are actually a fair bit more explicitly religious/theological in bent.
Gazil 1 year ago
hitting on what?
Kigashura 11 months ago
Thank you, Dreezeez, for your kind words. You are really encouraged ?????????
Tujora 11 months ago
You just stepped in your own pile.
Yozshukinos 11 months ago
Now that you understand the real scale, are you a 50?
Mazujinn 11 months ago
Jews have lived in Israel continuously for 4,000 years.
Zulkishura 11 months ago
morphing? it was already there
Morg 11 months ago
It's a bullshit article, and I've read it before. It completely ignores the criminal proportion of each population when dealing with the police. It also disregards the fact that the reason why there is so much more interaction with the police is the concentration of blacks in a high crime community. Such an interaction is the natural consequence of the situation.
Muzilkree 11 months ago
Another border line dishonest OP by TFCC!. Where to begin......?
Gardagami 11 months ago
I honestly don't think even Darwin would be a Darwinist if he knew then what we know now.
Tagal 10 months ago
Shocker a liberal hardly working
Yodal 10 months ago
How is it a bad analogy, exactly?
Vudolar 10 months ago
It starts - am I unclear, or am I talking to morons? It's only 9:30AM here, let's see how long I can stand this.
Tahn 10 months ago
I was being nice to you. But to be honest I don't accept criticism from someone who doesn't understand the definition of spontaneous.
Mezizilkree 10 months ago
I have a lot of bathwater to sift through.
Goran 10 months ago
maybe you are right but you discredit your argument when you try and use imagery like "carrying a garbage bag of baby clothes and diapers."
Kabar 9 months ago
I love this place so much. We were all there, probably 20 of us praying, talking to him, keeping blankets on him and this morning we were at my neighbors helping him cut and move the giant oak lightning split.
Kazrakus 9 months ago
I'll not budge from my liberties and ideals, no.
Vuran 9 months ago
How do you get to know GOD?
Doran 9 months ago
Oh, I see. You're creating a strawman, since he didn't say that.
Dainos 9 months ago
It usually does -- just look at how the far-right Fundies switched their attention to the trans people as soon as they lost the battle for Marriage Equality.
Taumuro 8 months ago
What makes you right? Lol. You need it to fit evolution, that's it. Go figure
Zumi 8 months ago
Mr. Bad Example, by the late, great Warren Zevon:
Groll 8 months ago
It absolutely does not require that.
Mishakar 8 months ago
Now why would I buy your Bridge??
Aracage 7 months ago
It shows you don't understand Biology women don't have "balls", but we are as resolute as anyone else...
Melkis 7 months ago
I was "wrong either way"?

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