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"I'm sure they would love to pretend that much of the OT stupidity didn't exist. Of course, they probably wish the NT stupidities also didn't exist. Eliminating the OT would radically change the religion, but then again, they already did that when they let Saul/Paul say what the religion was going to start doing!"

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Her legs started to kick a little bit. Everyone there decided to go to a local strip club around midnight and I was getting to that point of being so drunk as to where Nubjle wouldn't remember anything so at the strip club I cut back on the drinking as I wanted to enjoy the night.

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Regrettably, I blew my load much too soon, but she kept sucking me until I got hard again. we just pick a fight with anyone. Her skin was pale and her eyes were bold, and she was clad only in a ring of leaves on her head and a string of rosebuds draped around her neck, with sall blooming roses at her nipples and pussy.

Youbg a few minutes of awkward silence she made her move. I picked up her petite body with ease and continued pumping my cock as I took her small breasts in my mouth, each in turn, and flicked my tongue at her nipples.

" He then paused to consider his target.

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Mejind 1 year ago
The Passover event described in the Bible is a complete fiction and a stupid story even by biblical proportions, if you will. The New Testament is the most obvious fraud ever pulled on the moronic masses. A church producing documents that say among other things that God took human form and came to earth to found THEIR church. "These texts are written by men who walked with God! We must all obey! Give us your money, your political support and your gorgeous young male children for us... us, I mean for God to use as we...uhmmmm He will."
Zulkile 1 year ago
Which gods do I believe in?
Mazujinn 1 year ago
That's an excellent thought.
Dozuru 1 year ago
So, any ideas on zakat? I have suggested to start with defining the doctrine sources on it.
Mukazahn 1 year ago
You appear to be ignorant of Islam as well.
Grolabar 1 year ago
They do cut the crosses off the tops. I've viewed several videos of that at different times over the last 5 years.
Tok 1 year ago
filterz rule!!! lol thanks;)
Kajigis 11 months ago
Same reason the OLP is about to get nuked. Stale party ruling for too long. But the CPC still formed official opposition, the same can't be said for what is about to rightfully happen to the OLP.
Sadal 11 months ago
Silly spammer. I'll stick with Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.
Kigam 11 months ago
Voodoomuro 11 months ago
I can think of a few things to put her on hold with...
Tygogor 11 months ago
Different type of service, different laws apply. Emergency rooms, if they desire accreditation, are already required to provide services to ANYONE requesting it, by law.
Samugis 10 months ago
By "flames" we are talking about the same allegorical flames that Daniel dealt with in that "furnace"? Those "flames" are not literal. It means judgement or something. Daniel survived and was not "burned" because he had a pure heart. Those without a pure heart, faced with judgement, are "burned" (though not literally).
Tejas 10 months ago
Science, not piffle.
Vizilkree 10 months ago
Fair enough. Peace to you. But remember, the truth will set you free.
Mikalkree 10 months ago
Yeah I don't know why people like to do this. I didn't even do it in middle school.
Malabei 10 months ago
Both of my kids were conceived while I was on birth control. I was on the pill with my daughter (though I wasn't great at taking it at the SAME time every day) and I was on the NuvaRing with my son.
Gall 10 months ago
Im familiar. You are not permitted access to some info. Precisely as I said. Retard.
Shaktirg 10 months ago
The Wizard of Earthsea was a singular masterpiece. I was disappointed by the rest - good books, but not as good.
Brabei 9 months ago
You left this part out:
Malkree 9 months ago
Oh, I understand quite a bit about constitutional law, actually.
Faezilkree 9 months ago
In my comment, I referred to being "uncomfortable" around people of another sex as a form of sexism - perhaps because you believe that people of one sex are more dangerous, threatening or judgmental.
Mall 9 months ago
False. But, enjoy your delusions, for you are finished.
Kajar 9 months ago
I was right then, a logical fallacy.
Kanos 8 months ago
"The only difference between a religion and a cult is its popularity in a culture."
Shakagul 8 months ago
My God , are you blind ,can't read ? You can't see what I said? Do you read or watch news stories, interviews on TV? It doesn't take a PHD to figure out what is happening in the world . The only thing I can figure is that you must just watch MSNBC and or get your news from your stupid friends.
Vomi 8 months ago
bc we want things like the ability to drive,vote,work outside the home,and say no when we don't want to f*ck.
Arashirr 8 months ago
They survived a horrendous attack, where someone with a gun that he shouldn't have had gunned down their friends in their own school, and are now the target of every RWNJ who wants them to shut up and do nothing.
Zulujind 8 months ago
Jesus predicted this would happen. He said if someone tells you the Lord is over there, do not believe them. He will come visibly as lightning flashes. And the beast and his 10 kings will try to make war with Jesus wen he returns, so this is not a invisible spiritual coming
JoJolmaran 7 months ago
Not going hungry.
Taugul 7 months ago
I loved the simplicity of it too. The boys carrying her train were so cute.
Golrajas 7 months ago
That's your opinion. There is no legal basis for that.
Vigore 7 months ago
No, the word "man" describes either the male sex or humankind, depending on the context.

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