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89 10:2110 months ago

"They are not ignorant. They are imbeciles. The world is full of intelligent people who are ignorant of facts. The standard issue negro has about an 80 point IQ."

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The skeletal hand slowly went down sliding along her thigh. I think I turned her against Corey pretty well. " His hand slid up my thigh swiftly, then I saw a look of shock followed by a filthy grin as he realised I had no underwear covering my hairless mound.

You ot see my cum running down her pantyhose.

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Her eyes widened in anticipation as I pulled the blanket over my head and her lap. I stand there and wait for him to answer, I am dressed as he has told me, wearing only a skimpy bra and bikini panties under my coat.

He smiled at Haku as he moved it to her asshole. He then undid the front of his own Robe allowing it to flap open embracing the naked Indian and engaging her mouth in the long sensuous kiss of a lover. I reached up with on and pinched her nipple between my fingers as they giggle back and forth.

Three strokes followed on the right palm, all more or less on the middle of the fleshy part of the palm.

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Niktilar 10 months ago
Seems like you're the one confused-
Yozshusar 10 months ago
False equivalence much?
Baramar 10 months ago
I get your point, but it was extreme (beer talking?). I do think people should be held responsible for their actions, including if they carelessly store their firearms. But charging them with murder because they were the victim of a crime is 1000 bridges too far.
Fem 10 months ago
You haven't given me a definition or an example, and you just changed your claim quite a bit. Before you had been arguing that the gospels' prose and structure mirrored that of works of fiction that were recognized as such. Now you're saying (still without example) that they were written "in the prose and structure of theology" - whatever that means.
Kazilkree 10 months ago
Also, a quick scan with a blacklight.
Toshakar 9 months ago
So why do Libertarians continue to vote for this krap?
Zulugore 9 months ago
i have no issue with why you posted it. my issue is what you posted. his comment was referring to a specific individual even though he was wrong. your comment however attacked around a third of the country.
Tegor 9 months ago
Don't even try to explain how science works to fanatical bigots like the pair who prowl around here today : they chose to block what we (improperly) call their ''brain'' to any rational and methodical thinking......
Nakree 9 months ago
There is no justice with god, it is all about torture, sadism, .... Live with that if you believe in him.
Yozahn 9 months ago
What did you do when he "apologized" for a random vagina devouring his weewee?
Kigakinos 8 months ago
Ditto for Sharia, actually. Yes, back when it was established, Sharia was extremely progressive in comparison with just about anything else on the planet - specifically about the property ownership and dealing with debts.
Tugar 8 months ago
Vote wise, it isn?t. But the ruling was narrow because the majority ruled for the baker on the basis of a biased court on the lower level, and not so much that it was a 1st amendment violation.. Only 2 said it was a clear violation of the 1st amendment. What we need is a majority opinion to cite a violation of the 1st amendment in future rulings.
Kigagul 8 months ago
Please DM me this list of tags
Aragul 8 months ago
Some things grossed me out. I can't with "parts." But, he sure could. His series on Ethiopia was very good and then he did this thing on kind of like these "Speak Easies" in Detroit. People would just open up their homes (illegally) and serve dinner and drinks.
Samugar 8 months ago
Yeah, let's just make sure those are humane treatments and not electroshock therapy.
Fern 8 months ago
No. It's paranoid fear.
Nijar 7 months ago
Again what did the couple request for their cake specially that this homophobic bigot objected to? Why can't you answer the question?
Kagashicage 7 months ago
I speak the truth and that in turn, triggers sjw's.
Akikus 7 months ago
LOL. Right, this group would have lasted a real long time if they literally killed everybody that did not listen to a priest. I suppose to understand this use of the word "kill" or "death" in this religious allegory you would need to have read, for example, the third book of Genesis. God tells Adam regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, ?in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die.? . Well, he did, but he did not die literally, he died spiritually.
Mazujinn 7 months ago
Really? Just knowing that
Nitaxe 7 months ago
Exactly - Atheists tend to fight quite hard for government neutrality when it comes to religion. This includes recognizing the right of each person to have their own opinions ("beliefs") but it does not include in any way imposing those opinions on others.

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