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"Blah blah...when you can't argue the evidence Fiz shows up to try and character slam. Typical of you"

Stoner Daisy Dabs gives a blowjob & smokes a joint

I came in here afterwards and used this toy(throwing me a pink rabbit)i was thinking about you bending over again and shoving this up hylon ass'. I began pounding her with a raging longing, and she gasped and moaned in that tiny voice. Krasis noticed that the Admiral's bodyguard had deep purple skin and was well breasted and had a very slender form.

Stoner Daisy Dabs gives a blowjob & smokes a joint

I've been going from foster home to foster home for years. "Like the smell of them. Also, it will hurt very much. Without thinking, my hand snapped out to projetc her wrist.

"Did you think of me while you finger-fucked her. "We are going projevt play a game. About a 34B wears a size 1 when she can find one that fits around her ass. "Sometimes a girl like me finds herself wanting an 'old smelly dirty man' like you. She ignored his comment, resenting him for everything he had just put her through.

" replied Ginny nonchalantly. "Hello.

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Mikalkree 1 year ago
Who cares? Not me, bye.
Midal 1 year ago
"...the immorality of slavery..." - Slavery is not an entity, a person. It is an act COMMITTED by Man.
Nikor 1 year ago
I call them dummies.
Dira 1 year ago
that's what i'm thinking too ... those cards could have been mailed out long ago and further more if we fill something out wrong to them look out ... and i think you mean good riddance
Talar 1 year ago
I agree. Not only that, but society may decide X is moral or immoral, and an individual's conscience may come to the opposite conclusion.
Fenrizuru 1 year ago
Certainly anytime things aren't equal for all Americans something is wrong and change is needed. That doesn't mean this fight is comparable to the struggle of African Americans over the last 240 years.
Gusida 11 months ago
I like to be deliberately contrary when going into a starbucks. It's small, medium, and large you arrogant coffee snobs!!!!!!!
Faubei 11 months ago
I don't think he should have to apologize. She was of age and no one twisted her arm to get her to blow him. He was a married President, what did she think would happen if news of it got out?
Malagore 11 months ago
I hope not. Jesus. Man has let his racism turn him plain crazy. Then again, it must be hard for some white men to have to accept that they're not always going to be on some pedestal above the rest of us.
Kigagis 11 months ago
this actually makes perfect sense, people should select where their tax dollars go to when filling IRS and stuff, therefore people would dictate the national budget for each thing the state does with their money - this is the path towards true democracy, imo.
Tygogor 11 months ago
of course it is.. All right thinking people know that :)
Kigul 10 months ago
To protect your tender sensibilities, I've changed that word to promiscuous.
Gazuru 10 months ago
All that borrowing was money spent elsewhere. We need to pay for sh!t - period.
Akinozilkree 10 months ago
Me to boss: I'm not seeing a LinkedIn account for us. I'm going to create one, unless you know if we have one or not.
Akinodal 10 months ago
Well, that would suck. So much for dim sum and gnocchi.
Makora 10 months ago
Buttsex and catnip

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