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"The last conversation we had with Enoch, I suggested we might want to get in the habit of telling him to get back in his burka when he got out of hand."


He places it again on my clit and at the same time forces with his big hard cock into me farther and faster as I helplessly have orgasm after orgasm as he continues to now zap both of us, until I have nothing left. watching me tremble and yet another orgasm my hands grabbing at him as i try to hold myself up using him as support.

" I sighed as I felt I could relate to that feeling. She used her hand to pull my foreskin over the glans, and then slipped her tongue into the groove between the skin and the head, running it around the sensitive underside of the helmet, and drawing a hiss of pleasure from my lips.


Partly I just wanted to insult her in a way she would find humiliating. She moaned in pain and agony but forced herself to ride harder. Her pussy was literally sucking me in. "I hate you!" she yelled at me just before running out the door.

Quickly assssment silently I step out and slip my hands around your waist. I cum all in her mouth she looked up at me and swallowed it "Wow Amanda that felt so good" I said " Its about to get even better josh" she grabbed my and I followed her up to her bedroom.

I was determined to hunt down that beast and slay it if possible. "Just one night?" responded her colleague. I shoved her over the arm of the couch and began licking her pussy and asshole through the pantyhose.

It was so obvious. I was enjoying this immensely. You could her scream though the gag, which only made me want to hurt her more. Not knowing I was full of cum, I put my thong back on, we cleaned up and went back to his car.

The light banter was a nice respite for them after everything that toool just happened. Finish yourself off, naughty boy!" she ordered.

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Zoloramar 1 year ago
Ha! Please tell me exactly where I said that "leftists" and "liberals" were the same thing (although the overlap in recent years is quickly eroding any difference at all). I'm all ears.
Zulut 1 year ago
I would prefer the non-violent inciting extremist fundies.
Tara 1 year ago
Christians rape little children. Ever seen silence?
Kigor 1 year ago
As a survivor of this, let me explain it to you this way and I can attest, after talking to many other victims and survivors of this vile horror and evil...that many agree with what I am going to say.
Kadal 1 year ago
Good points. Last point, counter point... also unless you can prove that God is also not on Mars (a far reach for a concept being that is supposed to be everywhere).
Megor 1 year ago
I don't hate the existence of the LGBT. I don't know why you all continue to use the word "hate".
Nibei 11 months ago
Want to see arrogance and a snotty attitude? Order a tall latte in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru.
Zolozuru 11 months ago
I never defend anybody who says stupid sht on social media... If it's not something you'd be willing to say publicly with your family by your side, it's probably not something you should say on Facebook, or twitter.
Kigara 11 months ago
I wish I was the one that gave him that scar on his face. He's a pompous prick.
Votilar 11 months ago
Now if he was TOLD it was the nicer house, then he should absolutely drag someone over the coals for it.
Vikinos 10 months ago
Hmm. You wanna play the terms of endearment game now, honey?
Neshakar 10 months ago
Mistreated children and animals. Lonely old people. Man's insatiable need to destroy the earth in the name of short term profits. The injustice people face around the world at the hands of corrupt systems.
Tygorr 10 months ago
or with master rabbit (his absence is also noted) :P
Nigul 10 months ago
So am I. To recap our conversation:
Gudal 10 months ago
Wrong, Christianity was forced down their throat. That's another lie for you.
Zululkree 10 months ago
I do know basic facts. It isn't necessary. Or a need.
Gardalrajas 10 months ago
Yeah, I think you're right.
Samukree 10 months ago
"Eastern Front was in USSR. There was no such country as Russia on the map."
Akinoshakar 10 months ago
No he didn't. The powers that be at Time Warner did. The nwo was the biggest thing wcw ever did and it doesn't happen without him.
Bashura 9 months ago
Do you hold a lot of extremist ideas as true?
Doubar 9 months ago
Words? I don't need "words" because I know basic FACTS.
Mikalrajas 9 months ago
Who the hell drinks coffee at 6am?

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