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"I don't think its very effective or useful to control a 13 year old's hair style, but I wouldn't say that makes it wrong either. People have all sorts of weird beliefs for all kinds of reasons, I'm just not arrogant enough to think my idiocracies make me the moral authority on things. (Just most)"

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' whatever, than 'you are, like, so hot!' any day of the week. I sit up and lick the tip of his cock as i pull away slightly pre cum strings from my tongue to his cock.

It sounded like an angel singing, and the longer I heard this song the more I wanted this angel to be mine. Your men have no balls. "Anything else?" asked the waitress. For the first time Sophia realised that brave and clever may actually be foolhardy and stupid.

She sighed again, and as her breathing began to slow back to normal, paused to realise the enormity of what had just happened in the privacy of Doctor Lorenzo's consulting room. Then, a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was planned for Saturday afternoon and evening.

Plunging my tongue deep into her, I was rewarded with a flood of her juices, so much better from the source than from off of my finger. Also not knowing what he was going to do to me. Cursing, he snatched the towel and began to vigorously wipe her thighs and ass, pushing her over as he did so.

The cheeks of my ass so darkly red where numb and could only feel the bluntness of his hand as he spank me.

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Datilar 1 year ago
The only reason Britain allowed it was because the US had the worlds largest standing army at the end of the civil war and they were pissed at the Brits for supporting the south. The move was to at least create the illusion of sovereignty in Canada.
Zolojas 1 year ago
1) train the trainer.
Maugore 1 year ago
There's a typo there. We were actually all born atheists. You are an atheist to the other 9999 gods.
Zulkigor 1 year ago
To all readers, he's lying about this. Challenge him to actually name the licencing boards and dates of licensure of the charlatans he 's defending. He can't.
Grogal 1 year ago
Next time, just tell her something like "this isn?t very appreciative of the cleaning work I did". Eventually, she will understand your feelings being hurt and be at least a little bit embarassed...
Faegis 1 year ago
They both stink.
Gardagul 1 year ago
I get really weird dreams when I take melatonin too.
Vit 1 year ago
If you consider the four greek virtues, and describe someone as "heartless" which virtue are they missing?
Kajin 1 year ago
There are a minority of Christians who do run these sorts of organizations and the work they do is invaluable and commendable. But the remainder are callous and hardened to the difficulties of modern society for many .
Karamar 11 months ago
I am an English speaking person. The KJV was written in old English. In their tongue they used " Jehovah" as the proper pronunciation of the divine name. Would you expect anything differing from this reasoning? The Muslims do not worship the Hebrew God of the Bible, they allegedly worship Allah, a pagan Moon god. This according to Babylonian and Egyptian Historians such as Hislop, Layard, Bunson etc....
Yok 11 months ago
Not every Mod here is as negatively mentally impacted by religion as the mod I am sure you are noticing.
Merr 11 months ago
??????It will save a lot of time!
Dalar 11 months ago
There's a couch in your kitchen?
Nikazahn 11 months ago
Not even close. There is no turnabout. All that you do is personal attacks. They are just a hair inside the rules, which you are good at. But it is still mostly all that you contribute. You should try debating the actual topic instead of attacking the person constantly. Maybe people would take you seriously then.
JoJosho 11 months ago
It could have been microwaveable turkey bacon.

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